Saturday, June 18, 2005

Fete, Peat & Defeat

A conversation between friends:

“Are you going to the Fete?”
“No way, it’ll just be full of suckers of free concerts, people who doesn’t really know what music is”

Joan’s dictionary: “puro jologs”… tama ba?

I like the idea of Fete dela Musique, the concept of bringing together various musicians inspired by several genres and artists before them… bringing the listeners together, people from all walks of life… from sosyals to jologs… from authentic musical patrons to (let me borrow the word) posers. But does the jologs & posers truly exists in that event?

A lot of us wouldn’t let themselves be caught dead singing side by side with a jologs person wearing black & chains while watching a sikat pop artist or band. Why? Is it because our understanding and passion for music is extremely superior compared to them? Who are we kidding? We’re lying to ourselves. We are so into our own image that we neglected to look more closely inside us. What music really means to us and what it does to our lives. There are times when we feel truly proud cos we know certain songs & facts that other people don’t. We see ourselves as genuine music virtuoso because we know artists that other people doesn’t know. Artists & songs that you don’t regularly hear on the radio or see on TV. With such knowledge it still doesn’t give us authority amongst others. For those who want to be cool, they hated RNB… for instance Paolo Santos. This guy who can really play the guitar is now rich for his craft. People hate him because for some his “music” is uncool… let me say, how many albums do you have Paolo & they’re actually Gold Albums? How many concerts did you already have? And what? You are the front act to an international artist? Whow, so uncool right?

The point here is judging not to discriminate. Judging not to criticize and judging not to ridicule. I will call a person a faker if he is a self-professed music lover yet he cannot appreciate classical music, if he or she doesn’t even know that Beethoven is not just a dog in movies and that the lullaby we know was actually a classical tune. If you’re choice of songs are very limited to one genre or mood only shut up. You’re not a music lover. You’re the faker. Look closely inside & reflect on what you really think about the songs. If you cannot appreciate DC Talk cos the rhythm is very pop I feel sorry for you, they happen to be a good Christian band. Words, the lyrics are more important it is the weapon that strikes us in our hearts. It is also important that the song takes you places. For reggae to be reggae, it is not just making you feel relaxed, makes you want to sway to the rhythm. It is not just about Bob. In my own experience, reggae makes me feel like I’m dancing atop a cloud. Yes, that’s reggae for me… the effect even minus the weed.

I was once talking to this super famous band drummer (this happened years ago), we were both laughing when he started telling stories about songs he really like, his band is super cool on the alternative scene, emo punk kung minsan but they established a certain genre in the 90s… he admitted he loves rap music. Imagine? We laughed at the same time for different reasons, I thought it was something weird and for him it was a cut on his ego to be admitting what he just confessed. I would not be surprised if he has a Linkin Park CD somewhere in his room and if it was one of his most treasured possession. So you see, it’s not cool to pretend you’re cool. Just be yourself, that’s it.

In the end, there are no jologs in the music world. If those people that others call as posers can afford to go to the bars where artists play I don’t think Fete will be successful and there's no running away or segregating oneself against them. Because the focus & intention of bringing people together in harmony should soar high above than concentrating on the classes of people present. And to those na minamata, cool lang okay para walang trouble? Don’t mind those people, mas may depth ka kesa sa kanila.

We should learn to embrace the fact that to be able to appreciate music one must open his or her heart to all aspect present. Be it classical to jazz to dance and ballad…don’t ever think that one is supreme over the other. Lucky for you if you know indie tracks, lucky for you if you know Nelly & Pharrel Williams. And you are lucky too if you know that Dave is from Nirvana before Foo Fighters and that Sting is actually a person & not a band.

This is not about one person, this for all of us. This is not just about you & what you said last Friday, you know I love you. This is something that we all should consider pondering about. You may be a groupie not just female even male groupie for that matter, you may be a band-aid (calling Penny Lane) or just a plain supporter. Save the music, save yourselves from such uncalled for painful comments. Don't let differences defeat music's purpose.

Ta-da! Hehehe here comes what I think about some songs that really made impact on me:

Clocks by Coldplay … who wouldn’t know them? Even my mother ata basta banggitin mo lang si Gwyneth hehehe. When I close my eyes to this song, I can see myself in a white fairy outfit twirling & twirling without getting dizzy.
Comfort in Your Strangeness… lying flat staring at nothing hehehe sometimes staring at the ceiling cracks? Hehehe this is my pampaiisip song, makes me ponder on the problems of the world… strange talaga. Seriously this song is my answer to all the inconsistencies in life.
Burnout… hehehe playing the drums on a mala-autumn in NY kinda place
Island in the Sun, beach beach beach
Breathe (Michelle branch) reminds me of the South Super Hi-way hehehe, my hair should follow the wind while listening to this.
Come On (Ben Jelen) perfect MRT soundtrack
Edge of My Seat (Switchfoot) my long drive theme song
…more to come hehehe magsawa kayo.

PS: As if I’m going to attend the Fete, I would love too but I have a last minute date with Bruce, to those who will attend, enjoy the music while I unravel the mystery that Mr. Wayne has. Happy weekend to all, stay safe & be good.

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