Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Exceptional Women

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1st row L-R: Luchie, Ziella, Gene. Vina, Tsuni, Pen, Gabs
2nd row L-R: Dines, Kimmy, Jengklog, Jenny, Mai, Saree & Moi

Luchie: Family provider, amazing bestfriend, best ate in the world, Brad Pitt's dream girl
Ziella: Apple of her bibi's eyes
Gene: Pangasinan's Pride
Vina: Wife & Mother... perfect in both roles
Tsuni: Real life teacher, dancer & singer... total entertainer
Pen: Master of the Numbers, Muse of the Calculators
Gabs: Best buddy, sweetest missy
Dines: Hard worker, great friend... available
Kimmy: Middle East belle, athletic & adventurer
Jengklog: Scott's mistress, Technology Guru
Jenny: Goddess of the Butterflies
Mai: Best thing that ever happened to Canada
Saree: Minnie Mouse's daughter, beauty expert
Moi: blessed to have all the above women as her friends

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