Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Natural High

I could never imagine how lucky I am, to be living this kind of life that I have. It is true that we should count our blessings.

Last night, it was God's real blessing when I was able to sleep so early, yes... I did pray for that. Babaw no? It was because at 8pmish that same day I was looking through the mirror after I have cleansed my face & I have noticed that my eyes were getting a little reddish/ darkish... true enough it is not sore eyes, duh. It was hematoma. I didn't feel bad if I was on a different situation I would cry or perhaps panic. The astonishing thing happened, I closed my eyes & saw a vision. I'm not sure if it was divine intervention but it was beautiful. I saw a blinding light, I was shocked that I cannot open my eyes. When I did I realized that 30 minutes had passed already & I think I have fallen asleep. But I remembered the light & the colors I saw so vividly. Scary as it may sound I thought I was never gonna wake up. It was a message that I should not be afraid. I am ready, I dunno why but I am not afraid anymore.

And how lucky can one get if after almost 9 hours of sleep you'll discover P350 from the jeans you wore 3 weeks ago, laundried & pressed already? My my, this day is promising. I can't wait to see all the other surprises.

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