Thursday, June 02, 2005

Brainiacs, checking on the brain waves

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My favorite hobby to pass the time… bombarding my friends with my whys & what ifs hehehehe. As my friend Jeng would put it, I am the Queen of “worse case scenarios”. Oh well I can’t help it, I am no Promil kid but then again I might have been part of the 0.1 cases of baby prodigies. Hehehe my talent? Magtanong at mangulit.

I would like to share one of my topic na talaga namang bestseller hehehe.

My question: Hindi naman ako pangit…bakit di ako minamaniac?

Okay, stop!

Don’t worry this is not an R18 material, wholesome po ito. I often hear my guy friends talk about girls who pass by & make snotty comments & if the girl is really hot they were verbally abused, yes by my good guy friends. Not abused na harapan ha, narape na sila thru the eyes. No kidding, this always happen… like a girl in a mini skirt, “Pare puti ng legs” or the girl with an unusually big boobies would get a malicious remark without her knowledge. These girls I have been told were also prone to guys who would “accidentally” bump into any part of their body. In other words, namamaniac sila.

Let me give you some snide comments I have received from my so-called friends when I asked them bakit ako hindi namamaniac (hehehehe).

Ikaw? Eh ang taray ng mukha mo noh
At bakit naman gusto mong magpamaniac, aber?”
Magsuot ka ng daring then ask me again”
“Show some cleavage if you like (Anne: Cleavage? Eh wala ako nun eh)…then forget it”
Tama na kase, smart ka naman okay lang yun hehehe (sarcastic tone)”
“Be glad di ka minamaniac noh! It only means you’re a person with respectable reputation”
Ano ka ba?”
Leche ask me something essential & stop you’re non-sense”
Diyos ko, gustuhin daw bang mahalay?”

and so on….

Other comments would be very much appreciated. Feel free to vandalize.

Although their remarks were nothing but battery to my wounded pride (as if) I am glad that I was able to be antagonized in this topic, it only means that I may be a goody goody kind of person but I am smart hehehe & decent (blink blink).

Thanks sa mga pang aalipusta mga friends


Anonymous said...

How can you be so sure na hindi ka nga namamaniac? I'm positive na more than once ka ng namaniac ng hindi mo alam. Hindi naman boobs at legs lang ang kamaniac-maniac. Anong ginagawa ng mala-J Lo mong balakang?! Bottom line: madaming lalaking maniac and sa iyong pag-traverse ng Pilipinas ay you have come across more than one already. You're just too preocuppied with more important things than to pay attention sa kung sino ang nangmamaniac at hindi sa iyo. Ang nakakapansin lang ng minamaniac sila ay iyong gustong mamaniac, iyong talagang nilalapitan ng maniac, at iyong iyon lang ang maipagmamalaki nila sa kanilang katauhan. harsh but true. hehehe.

Blue Butterfly

Anne said...

hehehe ayos ka talaga sister jenny, sabagay alam kong namamaniac ka din pero di mo napapansin ;-)