Tuesday, June 28, 2005

More Sagada Pics

more Sagada pics - from Mark & Marco's album Posted by Hello

Wish I could go back to that serene place soon. The Sagada adventure is yet the most memorable & fun experience I had, I was able to achieve a lot of things in that sacred place. I was able to overcome fear, the trek was really tiring but it was worth it. I was able to contemplate on what I really want in life, people I wanna be with... the friends I have. The place made me appreciate all the things I have in life including the worst experience this world has offered me. That weekend getaway was the best one I had in years. It was like learning the ABCs all over again without much difficulty. Everything was carefully laid down with a purpose.

I was able to bond with my great friends & have met new ones whom I'll treasure for life.

Here's to sagadaGANG! Cheers to Mark, Luchie, Marco, Arma, Gina & Kitch! Love you guys!

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