Friday, June 03, 2005

Day 2 Step 1.5 Releasing the Negative Energy

To Do: Polish good & Relinquish bad Vocabulary Items
Song of the Moment: Life’s A Bitch by Shooter
Disclosure: Mature language, apologies for such terms, everything is personal (hmmp!)

I know you’re reading!!!


1. SBITCH – skinny slutty scheming bitch (labels labels)
eg. Girls who would go to the ports and other galleries mining gold with guys who would allow them to swallow them alive... move over Valentina.
2. ALL OVER – raping you hehehe
eg. What can I do? She’s all over me.
3. SUNSET – ditch romanticism try some pessimism
eg. End of the world! (Bwahahaha – mala bruha) who sucked down the feeling? Ako ba?
4. COPYCAT – a lot lot more to choose from, try or why not
eg. Talaga naman at kailangang sa blogspot din.
5. GP – (2 in 1 meaning) in the order of the original
eg. Music, Adventure & Experience… what’s next? Song Lyrics & Feelings?

Anger is something that should be released, I just wish I have the craft of letting it go. Forgive & Forget is out of the question, my mantra is forgive & learn. No body owes me anything that is why I don't owe anyone either. This is my blog, I can write anything I want. I feel sorry to those who will get hurt with what I wrote, I am just expressing myself and telling the truth. As one person I know told me, the truth hurts. And it does bigtime.
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