Friday, June 24, 2005

And He's Back

He is, back like he always do, come back home.

You guys may have notice the letters I posted sometime ago... the letters of Ben & Carrie. Well goodnews (as if there are other people who will benefit from this aside from moi), Ben & the other Ben are back. Ben is back in a sort of odd manner, still he's silent, speechless & voiceless. On the other hand, the other Ben is talking... yep really talking. This is what freedom can do to one.

Segue, this is where I am good at hehehe.
I realized that I can be a maniac material afterall. Thanks to Jenny & Don for refreshing my memory hehehe. Not that it's a good thing, I just remembered that I can also be a victim to that although not prone to it. Thank heavens!

To my friend Carolina, enjoy the NCAA later (it's almost the 25th)... kahit bad ka with your comments & all I love you still the same. And besides you're right that is not fit to it... prentending to fit is not good hehehe, makes us bad tuloy.
Marco, thanks for the cds...pinabilib mo ko sa effort & all with the log book. You're really something man. So pano? Crystal cave na tayo? Yey!
Armabella (hate me for this, I know you can't & won't hehehe) TY in advance for the eye patch...the best ka!
Jenny...pagaling ka sa sore eyes kuno kuno mo & happy anniv to you & Lolo.
Nice chatting with you Luchie!
Lastly, congratulations & best wishes to Ate Eryl & Paul!

I am writing this while listening to the new wave song "Pretty in Pink"... made me reminisce about Molly Ringwauld and the 80s hits (this would include Ione Skye, John Cusack, Andrew McCartney, Eric Stoltz & Mary Suart Matheson and the cheezy lines like "break his heart or I'll break your face"). Oh life! I miss the days when I watch Melrose Place and it was my favorite show then - especially Billy & Alison - without having to realize that that show is pretty complicated. I wish I'm a kid again.