Sunday, June 05, 2005


"Soulmates, they're very rare but they do exist"
-Albert, What Dreams May Come

I have had my own share of bubus when it comes to being disguised by this crazy thing called soulmates. There was a time when I thought my soulmate was a geographer, I was wrong. Then someone from the past, from my childhood-- wrong again. Then recently I thought he was the blinking man I met. I still think he is but then I can never be too sure.

The answer to this is in the same movie when Chris said "It is not about understanding, it about not giving up". I agree, it is not about understanding for the fact that this unique design of God on how 2 people will live in harmony is simply unexplainable. But lucky are those who found their soulmates & are still with their soulmates.

I was on my way home last Saturday boarding a public transpo. It was already late that is why we were like 4 only inside the vehicle. Near the entrance was an old couple. The old guy was holding a knap sack while holding his wife's hand on the other. I observed that the old lady was in pain, she was wincing & the old man was stroking her hand. I can say that they were really praying that they reach their destination ASAP. I was staring at them until I have to go only to find out that the couple & I had the same stop. I saw both of them walking real slow because of their age & because the old lady was really clutching to the man for support. They were heading to the hospital near the subdivision where I live. It amazes me to find old couple showing signs that they still very much love each other. I have dreamt of the same thing for me & my would be partner in life. I want to grow old along side my soulmate. I want the "Notebook" kind of old age. I have seen my parents grow old together & theirs was a different kind of love. I have seen them work out on a compromise, I have seen them share troubles & pain. I am praying that I would have the same fate as theirs.

But not all of us are lucky enough to end up with the one. My advise, don't give up. Don't look for it either. If its for you it will show itself to you in time. Don't settle for a "just because" person. Settle to the one.

But I am still gonna get married next year hehehe ;-) whatever happens.

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