Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day Pop

posing with the world's greatest dad Posted by Hello

Cheers to all the hardworking fathers in the world. Being a Dad is a hardest yet most fulfilling full time job in the world.

Papa, for the countless times you have believed in me, for the never ending love and support, for the understanding and comfort that you showered me... my heartfelt thanks.

For the food, the clothes and other material things that I have failed to thank you for when I was young. For the education, those learned from school and most especially for those I have learned directly from you. For the sacrifices, sleepless nights that you have given on my behalf. For the gentle words, the spirit of goodness and heartfelt thanks.

For the encouragement that it is okay to fail and to fall cos we have you to back us up. For the touching stories of your life, for the corage you showed and never regretting anything because you have us. Thank you very much.

It is a cliche' but I would never ever exchange the life I had, the person I become because of such a wonderful parent like you. Mama is so lucky & so are we. And if I will be asked to pick that father I want to have, it will always be you.

Greetings to the other Dads who deserve the "World's Most Greatest Dad" plaque: My Tyong Roger, my Kuya Jim, my friend Rolly and the Dads of all my good friends. And to those who misses their Dads, I feel for you.

I love you Papa!

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