Monday, October 03, 2005

To All Those Who Believe in the Path of Love

It is my humble belief that God has many names but just one face and it is to that Divine Spirit that I am grateful for this moment.
- Billy Corgan – THE FUTURE EMBRACE CD acknowledgment

I would like to quote the lines I love from various Corgan songs. I think it would best define my moment and would tell the truth about how I feel. Often times when one is lost and lonely we find solace in things or people. I am no exemption, I will not be ashamed to admit that there are more times I am lost and baffled then happy and content. There are more times in my life that I am stupid rather than wise… although I do not regret anything in this life I sometimes wish that I should have handled things better than I did and better than I was expected to be. I am talking non-sense and I am indeed perturbed. I own a weary soul shouting to be laid unto rest. I own a battered heart waiting to be mended. I am indeed full of angst wanting to be silenced.

It’s the same I see your face again. I know my frame of mind you ain't got to be so blind, am I so blind – blind to believe? … but what does it bring if I aint got you?
-To Love Somebody

I’m ready oh Lord I’m patient now, whoever I was waiting to be I already am… I’m ready ready to love.
- I’m Ready

Tell me alienation hasn’t found you out too few condemnations fill your heart with doubt.
- I’m Ready

Everytime I start reaching out to find you loneliness abounds… only you remind me that only love can blind. Every time I start emptiness confounds meloneliness astounds me… it’s me and you in all I choose.
- Pretty, Pretty Star

Segue: I'm looking for a hitman, anyone who knows one let me know. May papatrabaho ako hehehe.


... beachfreak said...

"Segue: I'm looking for a hitman, anyone who knows one let me know. May papatrabaho ako hehehe. "

Ayayayayay! Ako rin! Ako rin! Nyahaha.

Anne said...

hey yaan mo pag may nakilala ako irerecommend ko sayo, i hope di urgent ang need mo for one rosey girl hehehe ;)