Friday, October 14, 2005

It's A Small World After All

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.
-Sofia Serrano, Vanilla Sky

October is United Nations month, I remember back in the days during my elementary & high school years, this is a month where there are flags everywhere within our schools – almost all teachers would require us to pass flag projects for the partial fulfillment in our subjects. I remember always opting for Japan or Italy hehehe dali lang gawin kase. In lieu with this celebration I noticed a coincidence, not that I celebrate UN month every October its just that I was able to watch foreign films these last few days, 3 of which are worth the special mention.

Ofcourse, the original Vanilla Sky, I am not a Cruise & Cruz fan but when I watched Vanilla Sky some years ago I liked it. It’s number one in the ranks of Butterfly Effect and Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, these 3 makes the triumvirate of eccentricity and originality. It's an intelligent movie that will make you think & sympathize and will make you nod in agreement on almost all heavy lines. We are all searching for the answers on questions like “Do you believe in God?” or “What is happiness for you?” Abre Los Ojos is something you should watch especially if you’re an art film enthusiast. This is the only movie that intrigued me from the Spanish Film Festival, aside from the fact that it was Hollywood-ize - the lead actor Eduardo Noriega is a pretty guy. Hehehe you know since he’s appealing to the eye, it was worth watching. Penelope Cruz was not yet anorexic in that film (is she anorexic? Hehehe payat kase).

A stereotype of Bollywood movies – songs & dances are present BUT this one is really entertaining. The characters deliver their lines with a twist of wittiness. The set is really colorful. You won’t be bored I promise.

A movie with a lesson, this is not an A-type movie but it will make you realize that language can never be a barrier. Love and friendship can bridge the gap.

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