Monday, October 10, 2005

A Shower of Unfortunate Events

I’ve been counting my bad lucks and I’m beginning to run out of fingers for them. On my precious chance to go to Quiapo (because I rarely go there) aside from running errands for my Pop who thinks I’m a son instead of a daughter, the only consolation I can ever have were the DVDs that I can buy. Only to be there again in a despicable time – there is an ongoing raid. Buildings were being searched and you can only buy from vendors pushing their carts running away from the cops. Actually I was amazed by how raids were being held in Quiapo, it was peaceful hehehe never violent, ibang klase. I was busy browsing at the merchandise of this one Muslim manang - too bad her items were not what I really wanted to buy. I could rant forever on this but I was able to buy 6 DVDs, pagtyatyagaan ko na lang (because it turned out that 2 out of 6 were gold mines).

My sole reason for going to Quiapo was to purchase a car amplifier & 3 way oval speakers for my Pop’s car. Yes, I am the daughter without any electrical or technical knowledge of amp specs was sent to Raon and was expected to buy the best products. I devised a plan on how not to be misjudged and intimated for my lack of wisdom on what I was about to buy. I thought that if I sound confident & cocky the sales person would never under estimate my ability (hehehe). My plan was running along smoothly. The sales person – a lady – called the male boss to assist me. The owner was testing the amp and was connecting the speakers. I asked if it was 2000 watts eeerrr I was wrong, my first mistake. Arghh, it was Pop & Kuya who said 2000 watts and no such thing exist. Hay gulay okay I said I’ll settle for a lower one how many watts is that? “1,600 watts 4 channels”, okay I’ll take it I said (what the hell are channels for? I thought it was an amp – for sound quality right? Now they’re talking about channels OMG). Cool sounds, I can feel the speakers blaring not just breathing. Then a cute Chinese guy stood by my side. He was asking about the wattage of the amp, I said 1,600 (hehehe alam ko na noh!), then I think I fell asleep that moment on cos the guy was blabbering about specs, quality and God-knows-everything-I-need-to-know-about-amp-I-should-learn-it-from-him. I was doomed!!! I don’t know anything about what he’s grilling me about. I tried to focus, I nod occasionally to be polite. I was praying for an earth shattering earthquake cos I need the earth to swallow me whole. They guy was really cute & was looking at me intently – discussing the amp. I hate him. He made me feel so stupid. The only thing I was able to say was “talaga? Okay I need to go, thanks for the info”. I was walking as fast as I could, dragging the boxes that were really heavy. Waaaah, maaga pa I think I will still encounter unlucky events on my way home. I was still contemplating on the next move when the rain poured. I was literally soaking wet – protecting the amp & speakers, hailing a cab and a jeep – whatever comes first.

The winner was a jeepney driven by an old mama who was kind enough to give us rags for the wet seats. I was praying for Eris to go away, I cannot take anymore discord. I just want to sit back & relax and be home. I think my prayers were answered I was able to ride a bus going to Alabang from Lawton without any disruptions. From Alabang I hailed a cab then I was home. I attended to my errands for my Pop early because Ma & I were going to shop for some few things at Festival. My Ma has been urging me to shop for the clothes that I will bring on our out of the country trip but as usual I’m in my kuripot self which really paid off. I was able to come out with good buys except for one, the expensive jacket that I really don’t like. I agreed to it because my Ma insisted that I buy one pronto. I settled for it because I think my mother was growing tired of my browsing from one shop to another. Oh well I think it was just a minor incident compared to the fantasy/humiliation I shared with the China Man.

And the series goes on... my Ma went back home to Bulan yesterday and Meng & I were back to sharing everything with the TV. Yes, our TV – the only witness to anything that happens inside our home. It was the sole witness to a lot of tears, laughter’s, meals, arguments and others that I don’t want to remember anymore. The familiar scenario is back, we splurge ourselves in front of the TV, with me are plates, discs, pillows, my favorite glass and chips while Meng press the keys of her cell phone, often times mistaken as the remote control. We were kinda used to having Ma around. Now were back to instant lifestyle – no more home cooked meals & back to instant meals. This I may say is the highlight of my unfortunate events.

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