Monday, October 17, 2005

All About Love

Once you have loved, you will always love. For what's in your mind may escape but what's in your heart will remain forever.
- Anonymous

Warning: For some, this may all sound too mushy, when you gag please have the heart not to tell me about it ;-)

I have just spent my weekend in the company of family & friends. It was my parent’s Ruby anniversary yesterday and myself & my siblings threw them a surprise dinner party last Saturday night. Everything went fine, a few mishaps but everything was in order. My Ma was really surprised, first because she was not expecting me to be home that weekend and then at the restaurant she was really bolted from the blue. My Dad was sensing things will happen - he saw our invitations at his car (palpak si Kuya nakalimutan, tsk tsk). After the party, my Mom thanked and hugged me. I told her that’s the least we could do for their love and support through out the years.

40 years is something. I am truly blessed cos my parents are still together and will forever be together – they can’t live without each other. They are not really mushy but you can see their deep love & concern for each other. I can recall when my Dad had an accident, somebody came to our house to give us the news… I saw grief & fear and everything negative enveloped my mother in a mist that spelled out misery. And when my Mom got sick, on several talks I had with my Pop, he revealed his fears and concerns to me, how he would like to see my mother get better ASAP. I can see how they complimented each other, I am a witness on how my Pa is the yin of my Ma’s yang and vice versa. Looking at them from where I was sitting last Saturday truly misted my eyes. It was sort of a semi-reunion as well for me, my family & my relatives. Now we are looking forward to having the golden anniversary where my Ma & Pa said they would renew their vows.

I dunno why I cannot write so eloquently about this, perhaps because this is something so personal. There are a lot of things that I would love to tell people about my parents, how great and special they are, etc - but it seems like I cannot successfully do so without ending up or even right in the middle drowned in tears.

I started my entry with a quotation and would love to end it with another one. I have been praying for the soul mate my Ma found in my Pa and the love story flourishing like theirs. I guess I could never duplicate their story but I am hoping to have a unique one of my own soon. To be in love is a great gift, to fall in love is a different story. You should be understanding, open & trusting to the idea that when you fall – the one will be there to catch you or if he’s not pray that he’s preparing a safer place to land. As Frankie would say (& I love quoting her all the time) there are a lot of mediocre things in the world but love shouldn’t be one of it. Cliché but I guess I am still a believer of love. We can have pitfalls and mess, we can have bad lucks and shattered hearts but do not pass on an opportunity to love and be loved.

And to you, you could be reading or you could have NO idea that this blog exist but I want you to know that when our paths crossed it’ll be an entry on this page. I won’t say please hurry, I just want you safe when you find your way to me.

There is nothing love can't heal - Hanson, Underneath

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