Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Juanna's Natural Prozac

The list would include:

I love the sun, I love it when it’s summer (just don’t give me too much heat okay?). I dread rainy days and I really hate it. The sun gives me a cheery disposition and it totally affects my day. A perfect day would be a sunny one with a slight breeze just enough to make you feel cool and blow your hair a little (wag naman yung “mahangin ba sa labas” worth questioning). Then a stroll outdoors, with the person you wanna be with (wink wink). On the other hand even without the guy, it’ll still be a goody day for me just don’t hide the sun.

Yep another emotion stabilizer, I truly adore this young man (yep he’s all grown up, I’m betting he’ll up-tall me in a year or two). He was our cute little darling when I was growing up – he’s the guy who stopped me from messing things up in this legendary life that I have. He’s an angel but is a rascal too. He’s intelligent and smart, he’s almost perfect except for his mood swings.

The compilation would include Weezer’s Island in the Sun, Breaking Benjamin’s Rain, Natalie Cole’s Everlasting Love, Los Lonely Boys’ Heaven, Michelle Branch’s Breathe, believe it or not Hillary Duff’s So Yesterday (OMG, did I just divulge this one?), Songs of the 80’s (yep yep yep female power of the 80s with the likes of Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, The Bangles, Bananarama, Gloria Estefan & so on).

Since I love books, I won’t dare enumerate titles cos I could go on forever but for comic books it’ll be Archie’s, Calvin & Hobbes and Garfield.

Super reliable – guaranteed to entertain you without asking for anything in return ;)

Of course food, nourishes the body, calms the soul. Pasta, mocha drinks (frappe, hot, plain or white – anything!), chocolate cakes and rocky road ice cream, oreo & milk, yoghurt what else? Hmmm this is making me hungry.

Ma & Pop, no explanation needed.

Yep my sisters & brothers in craziness. Ziella for the non-stop forwarded messages. Funny stories with Jenny & Pen – fashionistas & glamour icons. Bitchiness of Luchie, love you! Uniqueness of Mark – he finds being unemployed very amusing. Love/Hate story of Saree – I will never get tired of listening to you my dear. Gab’s worries – everything will be alright soon darling. Coffee buds (& other friends) – Richard & Joel (Allan & April & Ryan) – the World’s longest buffet experiencing was a disaster! Shell ladies Jeng & Dinah – miss you mi hermanas. Myra – good luck on your mid-terms, kick those Canadians' asses. Joel Angelo who never failed to make me laugh, kahit corny ka… and so on... if I failed to mention anyone who has been crazy these past few days, believe me you’ve been a Prozac to me – you calmed and relaxed me, I thank you for it.

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