Monday, October 10, 2005

Jesse & Celine

I watched Before Sunrise last year in preparation for my viewing the second installment. I didn’t like the movie the way I’m supposed to that is why I opted not to watch Before Sunset. It was all talk, I was surprised at myself because I love chatty movies, and I really do. I linger on lines & dialogues, one can see stars from my eyes with my dreamy look when I watch talkies on movies. But Before Sunrise bored me to death. I attempted to watch it again last night and was again surprised because I liked it. Weird I thought. Then I tried recalling the state I was when I first watched it. I drove my mind back to memory lane. Then I figured out why.

I was in a relationship then, in short I have a love life in full bloom. There were lines that I do not fully comprehend, there were lines that I do not agree with. My ideology was way way different from what I have last night. I have realized that I was happy with someone before and now I am happy by myself. I see things differently in each situation. I wasn’t fully empathizing with Jesse and Celine cos I have a special someone with me and there were no complications. I thought what they were experiencing was too theatrical. It wasn’t real life. But then last night I saw things clearer than I did last year. When last year I thought they were over reacting, last night I saw that they were just scared. They were afraid of doing the wrong things. They were afraid of making their hearts bleed. Which is pretty normal, who would want a broken heart right? I still think that it was just a movie – it doesn’t happen in real life but if it’s any consolation I know how they feel. And it is not everyday that you were able to meet your soul mate.

And tonight, I am all set to watch Before Sunset (again).

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