Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's Complicated

Different faces of one’s Friendster’s Status:

Married Pretty Chick, It’s Complicated
Definition: I am married but I don’t want other people to know, who knows may maging interesado pa sa akin ;-)

Rockstar, Single
I am not married so I am definitely single. Yeah I’m in a relationship but groupies are welcome & besides I have an image to maintain, girls dig our gigs

Kikay Girl, It’s Complicated
Definition: I’m in a relationship pero my boo & I have separate lives and we agreed that we can still meet other people (kaya mo yan? Hehehe)

Eloquent Lady, It’s Complicated
Definition: I’m not in a relationship but my ex & I are pretty much still together

Mysterious Girl, In a Relationship
Definition: Yes I don’t have a BF (after 100 denials), this status makes guys go away, stops them from messaging me and asking me for my details (taray!)

Almost Mr & Mrs, Married
Would like to be married, thinks they're married but they are not

Feeling Astig, Domestic Parnership
Definition: F. Astig doesn’t even know what domestic partnership is but to him it sounds cool, oh well goodluck!

Clueless Lady, Married
Definition: Feel na feel na super inlove sila ni Fafa little did she knows na Fafa naman is todo deny that they’re a couple

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, In a Relationship
Would like the world to know that he’s not a loser, he has only one picture of himself on his photo section, all of them were his’ GF “kuno’s” yes all 24 of the pics

Johnny Bravo, In a Relationship
Definition: Sorry girls, I’m taken (we all don't care!)

And so on…

Last night when I was contemplating about this topic I have lots of brilliant ideas, hehehe the moment has passed me by already, sigh. Now here’s the last one I can think of:

Anne, It’s Complicated
Real Life Confession:
Kala ko may BF ako only to find out na wala pala hehehe pero feeling ko naman I’m in love everyday kaya ganun na rin siguro yun. Now I would love to say I’m single kaso lang I hate questions from people, I hate it when they ask why kaya “It’s Complicated” explains everything for me (hehehe) when they ask who’s your BF I’ll say wala then they’ll ask why my reply would be “It’s Complicated” they’ll ask another why (oh di ba friends, relatives and acquaintances are really nosy sometimes) I’ll say mahabang kwento then that’s the end of it. Huwahahaha!


Jenny said...

Jenny, It's complicated
Definition: Confused if she should just give up or fight for love. Cheeesssyyy... Mwehehe.

Anne said...

Jenny, It's Complicated
Definition: Marry her soon or else her status will eternally be read as "SINGLE" and interested in "BUSINESS and ACTIVITY PARTNERS ONLY"

That's how I see your "It's Complicated" status sis :)

... beachfreak said...

hahaha! I like this! Ako rin: It's Complicated ang nakalagay sa status ko. leche. hehe.

Anne said...

at ang definition ng It's Complicated status mo Rosey ay? Hehehe ;)

... beachfreak said...

@anne: It's all sorted out now, so totoong single na ang status ko. Hahaha!

Hmm. It's complicated because there's this 'someone-who-must-not-be-named' who shall be known hitherto as Twisted Sunshine. You know, you do things that only couples-with-a-relationship engage in, the lambings, the talks... BUT, the f*ck, BUT he's not yours. And you aren't even sure if he feels the same way about you...

Ganun. Hehe.

daei said...

i like this, anne!!!

hmmm... "it's complicated" just says it all...

how about this definition:

you tend to be with guys you knew you exactly can't have... just like you.. akala mo may bf ka na but in reality.. wala pala... kaya wala kasi nga "it's complicated". everybody knows na kayo pero sanyong 2, hindi naman kayo. Your names have been associated with each other.. pero wala lang.. complicated kase... magkasama pa nga kayo sa house .. pero as "housemates" lang, according to both of you.. hay! mahirap explain coz ITS COMPLICATED!

Anne said...

I agree Daei, it's truly complicated.