Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wish List

Time of the year, a week before my birthday… friends are already bombarding me with questions as to what gift I want to receive (hehehe, most esp Jen, Gabs & Sar). Ngayon pa lang po ay nagpapasalamat na ako sa inyong mga regalo and I would like everyone to know that it is not necessary, your greetings are enough and would be very much appreciated.

Every year when my friends would ask me what I want for my birthday (it’s actually one of my 2 favorite time of the year, syempre the other is Christmas time) I would let them know without any hesitation the gifts I want. Even my family is aware of this ritual, you don’t just give Juanna a gift, you have to give her what she specifically asked for. I would think very carefully about the material things or even favors that I want to ask and I get them, all the time. That is how loved I am and I am very grateful. I am so blessed, that people around me – my family & friends, would really make sure I get the things I wanted. And this year a lot would think that the same routine will take place. Kaya sorry to disappoint you sister Jenny, I am not posting my wish list for this year. Although my sister & my niece already asked for my approval on what they would give me, it still doesn’t count that I insisted on getting those stuff (o sige na nga aamin ako nirequest ko yun pero super noon pa!!!).

I may not look like one but I am shallow (di nga?), shallow in 2 different perspectives. Shallow in it’s real essence cos I know I’ve been blabbing a lot of things in this blog that shows my love for things that are not really important in life take for example material things, things I bought, things I got, things I would love to have, movies I have seen, DVDs I have seen, places I’ve been to, places I would love to go to, food I have tasted, etc. I have very minimal entries about world peace, the environment, poverty & hunger in other places and other issues that needs contemplation and are worth writing for. I have more posts about my emotions and the anger I had, how I got pissed and how I hate the rain. So this Shallow Anne have been here in the cyberspace for more than a year, with more than 3000 visits but still nothing really important surfaced as an entry. Then view my being shallow in its opposite perspective, mababaw lang ako cos these things makes me happy. I know that 90% of the world’s population is having difficulties in different aspects of their lives, I am proud to say that I belong to this 90%. I have problems too, I am worried for a lot of innumerable things about my family, my friends, my job, my country and heck even about Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. So what if I don’t voice it out, that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

You guys will still read a lot about the stuff I always write until I ran out of anything shallow to share. You will still read about these things in this tabloid, some would think that nothing ever change, it has been the same writing style & topics since day one but I assure you, this is about the real me. No pretenses, no non-sense, no fake whatsoever, just me.

So in the spirit of being real at 27, no wish list for this year. Anything from you guys would be the best, I am positive about it. Don’t think I will not like it, eto nga at di ko pa narereceive eh excited na ako. I love surprises! I don’t have a high EQ kaya guys, surprise me with anything you will give. Surprise me by not giving anything at all (eto kaplastikan hehehe cos I will not just be surprised I’ll be shocked).

Being shallow is not at all that bad, anything will make me happy – any little thing. I know, because the best things in life are free.

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Jenny said...

Wish list! Wish list! Wish list! Kainis!!! Daya.... Hmph!