Tuesday, September 12, 2006

... my loneliness is killing me? ...

Move over Britney Spears. I have stolen this from one of the links found at my bestfriend Luchie's site:

"when crucial needs aren't met (like companionship) they make us look to God in a way that satisfied people will never be able to imitate. Somehow God allows loneliness in our lives to drive us home. Its is a very painful journey, but the pain urges one to continue walking. If the journey were not painful, one would be tempted to stop - and slow down along the way. Indeed, loneliness may be very beautiful afterall"

Come to think of it, o di ba? God has His amazing ways of loving us.

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Jenny said...

I totally agree... I'm glad to have gone through what I've gone through coz they brought me closer to God. :-)