Thursday, September 21, 2006


I was born in Palawan but was not that lucky enough to be able to explore the marvelous island. I was talking to my Mom over the phone one time asking her to describe how the place looks like. Ma with all her story telling ability described to me how beautiful Palawan is. I feel really unique being born there and there is this great desire within me to see the place now that I am a grown up. My family left the place (Pa’s into sales and was often thrown to places that needs uplifting – so was told by his superiors) when I was just 4 months old after living there for almost 2 years. So I ask Ma why don’t we go there, just you me & Pop on my birthday? And my parents agreed, I was so excited that we started planning the trip last June. And then last weekend, I went back to the place where I was conceived 27 years ago with the 2 important people responsible for it.

The planned trip got me really excited and while boarding the plane I can’t stop asking my folks on what to expect, where should we go etc. I was on a mission to track everything about my conception. I even asked my Ma to bring my baby pictures so that I can see the landmarks etc. and compare them with the current Palawan scene.
With Mama & Papa at the Hotel's garden

I was lucky to have searched a wonderful hotel via the Internet. Puerto Pension is in Malvar Street, just 10 minutes away from Puerto Princesa Airport and 5 minutes away from the pier.The view from the hotel’s 4th floor restaurant is really spectacular. Food is great, people are wonderful. Special mention to the restaurant guys who have been really helpful with a lot of information… Jay & Jake thanks.

Upon arriving at Puerto Princesa Pop started looking and tracking the old friends they had 20 plus years ago. Luckily Pop was able to contact his former driver, one of my Godmothers (the only living God parent I have). Mama with Ninang Norma

Day 1 for Papa was all gala & fun already while it was shopping spree for Ma & me. The evening was the reunion. I was able to meet my Ninang Norma and my kinakapatids. Capitol's signage and the altar of the cathedral where I was baptized

We strolled along the city that evening, the city tour was great because our old family friends who happens to be locals were very accommodating and each offered a lot of good information about the city.

Mama & Papa posing at the museum's 17 meters croc, this was the largest wild crocodile captured in Palawan (its skin was hanged on the museum's wall)

The next day was the tour of the Crocodile farm in Irawan, more driving (up to Mitra’s residence, beach & Penal Colony – malayo di na kame umabot).

with Mama & Papa at the Crocodile Farm's entrance


We had lunch at Bilao’t Palayok – a great seafood restaurant with a cozy native ambiance. I love their food. A whole bilao of different seafoods costs P650 only. Sobrang sulit. Tuesday was our trip back home, sigh I had a real nice time too bad it’s time to go home. I was so happy I went to the place where I was born on the 27th marking of my life.


Bernie said...

hello anne,

good thing that you guys enjoyed your palawan trip. give my kisses to tsong bert and tyang vita. mwaaaahhh!

... beachfreak said...

My next trip would definitely be Palawan and then Davao. You are lucky you were born there, while I was born here in cosmo Manila. Parang mas type kong ipanganak ako sa ganyang kagandang lugar. Hey, not saying Manila isn't a beauty but i think it would be nice to 'go home' to someplace quiet and be rejuvenated.

Nice trip! =)