Monday, September 04, 2006

Crashing can be Fun

Actually I didn't really crashed the Convergys Alabang Family Day yesterday at ATC, I was in fact invited more than a week ago but being in a place where you only know 5 people can be fun pala. Well for starters I was able to watch Eric's performance which was good. Then I was able to feast my eyes on a lot of people - call center guys & gals. Pormahan, ingles-an, at cute ng mga kids nila.

The Stage - Eric while performing - Eric uli (wasn't able to get a good shot, I just ultra zoomed my camera cos' I don't want to get up & go near the stage) - Opet (Eric's bro) & Princess

I think it's cool to belong to a really big company, you'll have the good times of oparties like this one where prizes and food are over flowing. May popcorn, cotton candy & face painting pa! And si Red TGIS was there popping & bursting the balloons hehehe.

Thanks again Eric, I had fun.

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