Monday, September 04, 2006

Finds at the Bookfair

Went with Jo & Jen to the International Bookfair held at WTC last weekend. As always nawindang na naman ako. I was truly overwhelmed by my emotions around a LOT of good books. Warm & fuzzy feeling hehehe, I can go on around the exhibit halls forever.

Books I got at the fair (Holy Blood Holy Grail and Secrets of the Angels and Demons are actually for Marco - can't wait to see you na rin!!! Nahahawa na ako sa excitement mo)

And this one is my personal favorite:

I am just glad I went with Jo & Jen - we all have passion for books kahit na iba iba kame ng likes and genre na gusto. The night was culminated with a late dinner at Heaven & Eggs (sa wakas nakakain na rin ako dito) and some more shopping at Glorietta. I am sure both Jo & Jen were happy with their finds at the mall. Jen & I bought 2 bags each (saya talaga!!! ganda sa Tomato) and Jo (mas matagal pang pumili sa amin) was able to buy a couple of shirts for himself and a birthday gift for his niece.

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