Thursday, May 19, 2005

Damn, I hate feeling like this...

Hell day, I hate feeling this way, arghhh I feel like punching somebody in the head. I know I should not feel this way it's just that things that are happening lately starts to grow on me. I should have followed Don's suggestion. Forget about it & trash everything. Oh well I don't know. But I'm wishing for the day.

2 things that pisses me off, a guy & a guy. #$%^^&&^&@#$$

Guy number one, sasabunutan ko talaga sya. I swear I will never gonna ask something from him ever again. I hate to sound like this but I have done countless of things to help him & now it was me who needs help, iwanan ka ba naman sa ere? Sabagay sanay sya.

Guy number two was one of my bestest friends before, I dunno what happened he just started ignoring me not that I'm KSP or anything he just stopped talking to me for no apparent reasons. Bakit? Ma & Pa. Hay guys, di ko kayo dapat pinoproblema it's just that you're ruining my day.

I'm sorry, this will be the last of it.

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