Friday, May 13, 2005

Blessing no. 1

My Ma (in yellow floral blouse) and my Pa (in plaid polo) taken at our house last Christmas with my nephew JudePosted by Hello

I am so lucky to have up to now the 2 of the most wonderful persons to have existed in the face of this planet, this may sounds exaggerated but I'm serious. My parents, are the most loving and wonderful persons I have known (ofcourse I was born from them dummy hehehe). I am really blessed that my Ma, a full time house wife who have nurtured us with her charm, wittiness & perseverance, is also the best sales person I know, she could convince us & people she knows not to contradict her. A stage mother & lola, she's always with me... from school activities, to social events & college stuff too. And would you believe that on my first trip abroad she still want to go with me to the airport? She's in the province you know and as if I'm going to be stranded in some deserted land by myself... I said "Ma... I'll be away for four days only, are you kidding me?".

& my Pop, my real life hero, I do not get bored with the stories that my Pop narrates all the time. From war days to the days of poverty that he experienced when he was young. My Pop is a simple less complicated type of person, sooooooooooobrang bait to the nth power. I love you very much Pa, Ma.

And like what I always pray day in & night, please be healthy... I love you both.

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