Monday, May 30, 2005

Another or your quote + Bicol

I know that you may find this absurd that I keep on publishing your quotes, wala lang I just find it shareable & though it is sometimes just icky mushy stuff post ko pa rin.

May 24, 2005
...I'm happy cos in the end I end up with the girl I really wanted, needed and love.

I have been to Bicol last weekend, wala lang nagpasakit lang ng katawan, I stayed on the road longer than at our house, grabe parusa byahe but it was worth it. An hour of chikahan with my folks is priceless. Even half an hour of kulitan with my nephew was worth every pagod, plus I had the chance to eat home cooked meals by my Ma, and the superb back rubs from my pamangkins whom with a P50 bribe, will massage you until you're zzz'ing. How I wish I could just stay at our home in the province with my parents forever.

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