Monday, March 02, 2009

Punta sa Punta Fuego

The best summer kick off ever !!! An invitation to spend the weekend at Punta Fuego where I had fun with the coolest girls ever. Here are some of the photos courtesy of Dines & Rhea:

The Majestic living room with beach view pa

Irap ni Rhea at Bungisngis ni Anne by Dinah

with Bert at the Balcony overlooking the beach

at Fuego Beach - moi, Rhea, Bert and Ingrid (photo op muna bago mag swimming)

muni muni captured by Rhea

Bond Girls

Ingrid & the Gnomes (hehehe ang liliit namin)

Tabing Dagat Girls (kakumpitensya ng Tabing Ilog)

surveying my property (I wish)

Jump! (di pwedeng wala ang shot na natalon)

nice trees noh? I just have this strange feeling that the trees were sad (feeling can relate to them - dahil ba panira kame sa tabi nila? hehehe)

cool sunset (look at the blending of colors)

First there were 4 (guess who's really holding the camera)

Then there's 3...

...2... then none

Reflection by Rhea (cool concept ;)



Can't wait for the next beach trip... I'm really thankful for the company and friendship... sa uulitin girls, special thanks to Madam Ingrid (the best ka maám!!!).

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