Friday, March 06, 2009

AI Updates & my (unsolicited, so what?) Opinion

I think Michael Castro’s theory about the judge’s favorites being asked to sing last on each performance night for audience recall can be true. You can read MC’s post here.

Come to think of it, Danny, Adam and Lil all sang last on each group night and you can also feel that the judges likes them (a lot, especially Danny Drama este Gokey).

I am just glad that I’ll get to see Anoop to sing again, not just tonight but on the following weeks to come, I can feel that he’ll be top 5 and up. AI is also trying (very hard) to spice things up this season – a new judge, lots of drama, non-stop bickering of Ryan and Simon and then now read this: TOP 13! I know I haven’t been doing much except surf the web today, blog and talk about chismaxes.

For now I am just gonna enjoy watching performances but I’m excited for next year. Can’t wait to see Jamar audition and WIN season 9 (hehehe I have the gift of prophecy).

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