Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book-buying Diet (more like starving *sobs*)

I updated my book inventory only to find out that there are 39 books I bought (or were given to me) over the past years that are still unread. Some though were half read but still 39 is a pretty high number. I decided to challenge myself and try to cut the number by half before the International Bookfair or else I will not attend this one big event in my life that happens only just once a year which is usually the highlight of my year (I know it topped my birthday but don’t think I’m not grateful for this life because I AM).

So no more new books for me unless I read at least 19 before September. I need to break my 2 books a month quota and elevate it to atleast 4 if I want to be successful. That is why if I'm not reading I should be reading...

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