Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleep Early NO TV Tuesday

The majority have spoken (some of my neighbors not included) that they don’t like the climate change that is happening. Global Warming is really a life threatening phenomena.

The once a year Earth Hour is a really a big move and as a supporter of this honorable cause why don’t we step it up a little? Why not make it once every quarter? For some reasons I do believe that making this a regular thing not just once a week is asking for too much and I know that it was just easy for me to say. That is why I decided to act on it. I am launching my very own “Sleep Early NO TV Tuesday”. I am a lady with a mission here, I know it may sound stupid but I believe that every great journey (this one is saving planet Earth) starts with a single (stupid as it may sound in this agenda) step. I promise to do this whenever I can... no lights, no TV & no Ipod (of course any crusade will encounter exclusion(s) somewhere along the way and defensive as it may sound... I am not making any excuses I am just saying that there are always some justifiable circumstances *wink*).

March 28, 2009 8:30-9:30 pm in London

Why Tuesday?

1. It’s my least favourite day of the week (pretty selfish huh?)
2. I don’t know anyone who loves this day (okay, guys especially if I know you don’t come rushing to me swearing that this is your favourite day... keep it to yourself, please?)
3. This day was named after Tyr – Nordic’s God of War, Mars’ (Roman) and Ares’ (Greek) counterpart (thus MARTES). I don’t want lightning bolt to strike me when I say this – they are my least favourite Gods in any mythology.
4. Nothing good is on TV (I planned this pretty well) and a little beauty sleep is good for the health
5. It’s the day of the week that most people feel lazy – it’s the day that followed the busiest day of the week which is Monday, the day after the weekend hence making Tuesday the day when you are very much still feeling attached to you bed or the couch

March 28, 2009 8:30-9:30 pm The Petronas Tower Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Everyone is invited to act in lessening the fuel emission and slowing down Global Warming in their own little way (the rate we are going in destroying our planet is really devastating). I know that my campaign may not save the Earth but I know that in an extremely tiny, smallest, leastest (this word doesn’t exist), minuscule, infinitesimal (I have looked this is up trust me I’m not that good with synonyms), little to the highest power... I can lessen my carbon footprint in this planet we called Home.

Happy Monday everyone!

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