Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surprise Birthday Party

I am so blessed! I am, really. Last Friday my work friends collaborated with my college Jologs friends for a best surprise party ever. The event was planned 3 weeks in advance, I didn’t have a clue until my old pictures came running into my own hands. I have guessed that my work friends are cooking up something special for me, it might be a scrap book or a photo montage but to my delight, it was a video presentation complete with Princess theme and video messages from people close to me but are not able to be with me on that party.
Flowers I got from Ses and from my best friend Luchie (thanks to Richard for bringing it over at the party)

Conspiracy surrounded me the whole week, my Ma was involved, and Pen’s Mom was also dragged. Thursday afternoon Ziella asked me to accompany her to Makati the next day. I said yes provided my colds get better, Jen even gave me a cup of ginger tea na talaga namang pang alis ng sipon hehehe para gumaling ako. Friday arrived, Rovs asked me if I want to go to Festival Mall. Instead of going with her to Festival I invited her to just go with me & Ziella, according to Ziella we’ll be meeting Gabs there. And Saree informed me that there is a mallwide 70% off sale in Landmark, san ka pa? So the Makati excursion on a Friday evening is really tempting. What made it so much more inviting is that another friend Jeng is going there… di kame magcocommute! Super plantsado yung plan. So off we go to Makati, Rovs & Ziella & I roamed around Glorietta. Gabs was late daw sabi ni Zie, buti na lang it was really sale, I busied myself browsing through stuff that looks good. After an hour of just circling around Glorietta and Landmark Ziella said that we are to meet Gabs at Max’s Glorietta 2. So we went to Max’s, I went to sit with Rovs at the waiting area while Zie look for Gabs & ate Auds (Ziella said that Gabs was late because she’s with ate Auds). Ziella called us andun daw si Gabs, nagtaka pa ko kase sa function room complete with curtains. Zie went in first, the next thing I know she was screaming, nasilip ko yung room dameng tao but the only person I got a glimpse was Gaux – sabi ko kamukha ni Margaux, I haven’t seen Gaux in 7 years so I was pretty sure that the reason Zie screamed was because nagkamali sya ng pasok dun sa room. I immediately went to the side of the door – nagtago ako mahirap nang mapahiya. Then I felt Rovs was kinda pushing me to enter the room. There it was the planned surprise bday party. With poppers and party hats and streamers. The next thing I know they were giving me a scepter and placing a tiara on my head.

GUILTY! Persons responsible for the successful party - Udeng, Jeng, Pen, Rovs, Tina, Dines, Jo & Jenny

My parents, niece & nephew were even there, sinundo sila ni Dines, grabe effort talaga and I know that a lot of it were the doings of my sisters Jenny (slave na nga nya ako eh, different story), Jeng, Dines, Saree & Ziella. Everybody did their part – si Pen taga collect ng pictures ko (mga luma at neneng pix ko) from my Mama. Although nabuking ko nga yung pictures because Pen’s messenger brought it sa office, eh nasa pantry si Jen ako ang nagreceive, di naka envelope pagtingin ko I was shocked to see my pictures. Sobrang nagtampo si Jenny ayaw kumausap ng kahit sino hehehe. The next day okay naman na. Bloopers galore lang talaga. Inabot sa akin nung messenger because kamukha ko yung nasa picture – tawang tawa talaga kame.

with my Jologs hermanas (& my Ma)

The video presentation they did was really great (I’ll post it the soonest it’s converted). Naantig talaga ako. Thanks to Kuya Berns, Myra, Marco & Prof. Jerome for the video messages. Thanks to Tita Kimmy for the letter. To my Jologs friends… Saree, Vina, Gabs, Zie, Chona (& fafa Ronald) Faye, Olive, Margaux (sobrang nice to see you again friend) and Mommy Redj… maraming salamat!!! To Randz, Tina & Moises, thanks for coming and most of all for the gifts. To Udeng, Jeng, Dines, Rovs, Pen, Jo and Jenny… mahal ko talaga kayo, thanks. To my family (Ma, Pop, Jude & Meng), to my cousin Richard and to my betsy Luchie (who called overseas hehehe phone patch!).

wacky pose of Jologs (Faye, Mommy Redj, Zie, Vina, Gaux, Chona, Saree & Moi - feeling Princess)
Sa mga di nakarating, knowing that you all would like to come to the party but wasn’t able to do so because of important appointments & other unavoidable factors maraming salamat pa rin. It means a lot to me.
with Joel - ang late ever!
The night was concluded with a cup of coffee at UCC. Thanks talaga mga friends ko, sobrang saya ng week before my birthday. I really felt like a princess that night... kahit pa basahan look ako that day (get up na ikinataas ng kilay ni Jenny umaga pa lang).

with Mommy Redj, Faye & Margaux (at talagang hawak ko pa ang cupcake na gawa ni Jenny)
I don’t want to say “unfortunately” cos’ it’s not, it was in fact a real nice blessing that I am now a slave – forever slave – ni Jenny. NAHANAPAN NYA AKO NG CANDY CANDY DVD! Complete 115 episodes. I love you master! Galing talaga ng sister ko.

More pictures + the video soon.

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