Friday, September 07, 2007

...and more

pictures from the Puerto Princesa trip...
Marco: cge Anne picture-an kita
Anne: oks cge ikaw din sabay tayo...
Marco: 1, 2... smile1. Yo ye yo Udeng!!! Go go go
2. Say cheese girls! (Jeng, Zie, Pen & Jenny)
3. sama naman ako!
4. Jenny: ok Jo gets mo? Joel: teka Jen Math yan ulitin mo!
Marco and his entourage (back-up singers nya - pangarap nyang maging astig na wrapper este rapper pala - see pic below)

Jeng: Hoy Jenny anong tinitingin tingin mo dyan? At nakangiti ka pa!

Jenny: ang cute talaga ni fafa Udeng ;)

ways to pass the time when your flight is delayed... take a picture of your pant's textile pattern di ba Jo?... matulog like Jeng & Pen, count your hair strands like Udeng, listen to an imaginary ipod (earphones lang kase yan)

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