Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Music That Feeds The Soul

Pre-concert picture with my sis Dinah. We didn't know what to expect, we were there because we love Switchfoot!!!

The crowd went wild, moshpit guys went gaga when the band started playing. Edge of My Seat would have completed my night but they had a very good set list... all the hits were played and we can't help but be proud that we know the lyrics of even their not so famous songs.

With my own bandmates: Arlene, Jenny, Raymond & Dinah
1. The band... Jon on vocals & lead guitar, Tim on bass, Drew on guitars, Chad on drums and Jerome on synthesizer & all others (hehehe multi-tasking, iba talaga ang pinoy... guitars & tamborine din sya say nyo)... 2. balut challenge, Switchfoot is the first ever foreign band to sucessfully ate Philippines' exotic food - the Balut. They were all really great and honest that they will not try it again hehehe (kahit ako noh ayoko nun) ... 3 & 4. Jerome - proudly Pinoy (slangers nga lang) ... 5 & 6. Jon & his advocacy for justice and for picture takings hehehe.Yes, we were standing this close to Jon Foreman when he run down the stage and gave the public a little information about how great help IJM is doing for the benefit of the Filipinos.

Jon asked everybody to take a picture all at the same time, yes massive flash attack, here's what I got. I guess everyone's picture would have me & my friends at the back of Jon kaya all smiles kame. I saw all of them looking and aiming their cameras at our directions. The flashes can blind you hehehe.Bye Jon, bye Tim, bye Drew, bye Chad and bye Jerome. You guys are great musicians and inspiration to everybody. God bless you for your contribution in making this world a better place. Making lives meant to be lived.

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