Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here it goes...

… due to some friends’ insistent demand hehehe eto na ang wish list. I skipped this thing last year in my attempt to be un-shallow but I guess the real me resurfaced. I just think these would be great but please don’t take it seriously (but if you want to I can’t argue with that *wink wink*). The mere fact that I’ll be remembered on the day means a lot already so don’t fuss… these are just stuff. Having the friends I have now marked my 20ish birthday happy already.

Tiara Trinkets (clips, pins, shirt but phuleaze! don’t give me a crown hehehe) CDs (Muse’s Black Hole and Revelations & Lifehouse’s latest) Nora Ephron’s new book and this one by Elizabeth Wurtzel (I’ve been tying to hold a copy of this book for 2 years now) and She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

Eto, kung sino man makahanap nito grabe pag mamahal sa akin & I’ll be forever your slave!!! Complete Season of Cancy Candy DVD or VCD (with English subtitle) Gabriel Garcia Marquez Complete Works Box Set (saw one sa Powerbooks dati)

& Lots of lotions hehehe. Don’t want to be dehydrated for the whole year.

Mababaw lang talaga ako, pasensya na po.

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