Friday, August 03, 2007

they happened

He’s here… and no one is really interested but me? Hehehe, I have been feeling all hyper this morning & late last night upon learning that cutie Josh Hartnett is here in the country to shoot a movie. So brave mind you, he’s off to Mt. Diwalwal – he’s not even bothered by news about kidnapping & stuff? *sigh* I so love him na :D although I must admit that he's not really that good in acting. But so what? Hehehe he's still so adorable.

I finally found my “wake album”. Yes, songs to be played while my body is being stared at or ignored by people who knows me, people who loves me or those who just want to be there at my wake for the sake of. Those who were able to read this and if in years to come that the fateful day of my demise arrived… please advise the dj (yes I would love to have a dj at my funeral) to play the whole Ryan Adams Easy Tiger album (with special countless repeats on Everybody Knows & The Sun Also Sets tracks). People may wonder why the country/hip/punk songs of Ryan – people change & by the time I’m dead it’ll be a cool sound hehehe.

I would like to share this information hehehe. This one is hilarious. I’ve been checking my Friendster page this morning when I came across the info on the activity of my friends. This can be seen on the home page mismo. I noticed something crazy, anything more than four weeks old is considered 38 years ago hehehe. Oh well ang babaw ko talaga.

And this my friends is a disturbing photo of Joel. I stole it from his friendster page hehehe. Enjoy!

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david lay said...

I saw Ryan and the Cardinals this week in Salt Lake… Great talent! If you like you can check out my Concert Review at, if you like