Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Recap version 2

I am hooked listening to this girl named Maria Mena. She's been around the music industry for sometime now, young and very talented - adjectives that I could give her. I've been reading her blog and she's crazy hehehe. I listen to her songs for days now and cliche' as it may sound "I can relate". I heard some of her songs years ago but I didn't pay much attention until I contemplated on the message behind the "Sorry" song. The ultimate basted song hehehe. I am yet to be rejected but I am preparing for my comfort goodies for that day (read: the songs I'll listen too when I'm all depressed, lonely and lethargic with patheticism). Try listening to her guys, feel sappy, feel mushy, feel depressed, feel lonely, feel rejected, feel pathetic, feel inlove.

remind me why we decided this was for the best...
because i miss you love...
i know the distance is a factor but i stretch as often as i can.
i hope to reach your hands any day now.
please don't blame me for trying, to fix this one last time.
i have a hard time as it is because i miss you love...
(Miss You Love)
what is the game we're playing?
should i stick around for more?
snap your fingers i'll coming running,
leave again when you're bored with me
i'll make it easy...
nevermind me, nevermind me i'll just cast shadows on your walls
nevermind me, nevermind me, my god i feel so small
nevermind me, nevermind me i'll just cast shadows on your walls
nevermind me, nevermind me i'll just let myself out.
this facade that i'm stuck with has got me wondering
just tell me how you want me and i'll be naked stumbling
just to get a reaction, any signs of love
(Nevermind Me)
just poured my heart out
there's bits of it on the floor
and i take what's left of it and rinse it under cold water
and call him up for more
and i say baby, yes i feel stupid to call you, but i'm lonely
and i don't think you meant it when you said you couldn't love me
and i thought maybe if i kissed the way you do, you'd feel it too
he said i'm sorry
so sorry
i'm sorry
so sorry

Enjoy the weather my dear friends, for those who hate the rain just like me, sleeping is an option - sweet dreams!

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