Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Baby Baby It's A Wild World

I read this news on the net about the first bill iPhone users received and it’s crazy. Talk about a 300 pages phone bill. People might think whoa, that’s a lot of activity that’s a lot of money but would you believe that the bill costs $270+ only? Talk about uprooting all the trees available for their very detailed billing.

Counting machines that are defective – made in the Philippines? Yes oh my oh my. These are the counting machines that registered more than 18,000 blank votes in Florida last 2006. We should all still be feeling overjoyed after the World Boxing Cup championship. Now it’s raining heavily on our parade. Bwisit!

Mixed emotions… a lot of things to be happy, sappy & sadly about. Pension plan for the retired & injured athletes – way to go Darlene. Quentin feeling Pinoy and smiling over Flood Fiction. Josh Hartnet and his golden heart and now he’s so far away. Books & more books – thanks Marco in advance.

Sale Sale sale!!! Powerbooks til Aug 31, National Bookstore til Sept 15 and International Bookfair by the end of this month. Oh & did I mention Palawan???

Almost the weekend, enjoy and don’t get soaked (if ever it’s a wet weekend).

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