Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Reports week, Jenny & myself are buried with paper works but I’m not up to the task. Rainy days really makes me sad. All I want to do is stare at the window, sip hot coco but what I can only do today is sip hot coco & stare at my PC screen. It’s not that I hate my job (although it always sounds like I do hate it), I am really blessed to have this job, I have great colleagues and I have really learned a lot from my boss. There are just days like this when I’m not in the mood to do what I’m being paid for hehehe instead I am writing non-sense on this blog.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night (as predicted by Rovs but the reason was not what she said). I watched like 2 movies – both which I was not able to watch from the start. Full Monty was on Star Movies and another one with subtitles from the Hollywood channel. I got bored with the TV so I switched to the book I was finishing. I got bored with the book so I shifted to the photo albums. I browsed through my old albums and I can’t help but be proud of myself for my wonderful friends. I have a great group of friends, I am blessed and I thank God for them.

I wasn’t able to tell stories of my best friend Luchie’s vacation here last July. Apart from the Boracay trip that the two of us took we also watched Harry Potter 5 on IMAX, celebrated Yong’s 27th birthday and did some shopping (we met a couple of times in Makati). It was really short but it was nice. The Boracay trip was awesome. Day 1 was stormy, we arrived in a very wet Aklan. Locals said that it has been raining for days already, we arrived on a Friday and rain started pouring Tuesday so you could just imagine the frustration we both felt. We had a full body massage at the hotel that afternoon, took a walk at the beach, had dinner at a Thai restaurant, and raided Niq & Janice in their room at La Carmela de Boracay. We then went for a drink before heading back to our hotel. We watched a LOT of TV then finally slept around 2 am. I woke up early around 6 am and to my dismay, it is still raining outside :(. I went back to bed & woke up again around 8 am to my surprise! The sun is already shinning yippee! Luch & I strolled along D’Mall to buy pasalubongs & other Bora stuff. We hanged out at the beach, Chie went swimming for a while then we went to lunch with Niq & Janice at Aria. Food there is superb, I recommend their vegetarian pizza, it’s really great. After lunch we went sailing. We went to 3 different islands, snorkelled a bit and then went lastly to Island Cove. We swam, took pictures and head back to White Island. It was on our way back that one of the scariest things to have happened in my life “happened”. It was like our last day on earth experience. It began to rain again (heavy rains, you will cry ouch every time a drop which was huge falls on you), the sea was in rage and since we were sailing we have to be dependent on the wind to be able to maneuver the boat. Manong & his assistants were experts however you can say that they are nervous and really having a hard time making the boat turn around. We survived *whew*, we went back to the hotel still feeling a little shaky, the four of us had coffee then Niq & Ja went back to their hotel. Luchie & I head out to get tattoos. Luch got a tribal design while I had the Chinese character for the word “dream”. We then had a quiet dinner at The Hawaiian Barbeque, went back to the hotel, watched more TV to relax before going out again with Niq & Ja for drinks. We hanged out in Hey Jude bar where the DJ is an eye candy. Day 3 was bye bye day for us, we had breakfast at Café del Sol (I love their hot mocha), Luchie swam some more (notice that I am not really fond of swimming but I do love a lot of water activities) then we freshened up, packed our things & said our last goodbyes to Boracay.

Simpsons Movie – hilarious.
Simpsons fans got a good treat, the long wait (18 years) was over and it was worth it. I went to watch it with my pamangkins and we were all laughing hard holding our stomachs. I am not a die hard fan but I do watch the show whenever I catch them on cable. If you could take Homer’s humor I’m sure you’ll have a grand time watching the movie.

License to Wed… a feel good movie.
Not something that you should definitely watch but do watch it if you have the time & some money to spare. A good way to pass the time (I have a confession: I like Mandy Moore so I watch her movies – all of them). You'll be entertained.

to be continued...

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kegler747 said...

The Simpsons Movie --- the best movie in the world, so far :)