Monday, July 23, 2007

The "Final" Verdict

Last Friday, I felt fidgety over the fact that Book 7 will be released the next day. I collect HP books but I have the paperback versions of 1-4, book 5 in paperback however UK edition and book 6 hard bound but the UK edition’s size was just the same with the US version’s paperback. This is the reason why my mind is battling over buying and not buying... if I buy the last installment in hard bound it wouldn’t look great on my shelf. I though I could wait like last year however this year no e-book version was released. I know I ruined it for everyone who reads my blog when I said after 24 hours of Book 6’s release that Dumbledore died. I had an exchange of opinions with my friends & colleagues Jen & Rovs when they told me that it won’t hurt me if I wait a little longer & not to buy Book 7 the US hardbound edition. And since I am born without any EQ, I really went to bookstores last Saturday asking if I could purchase one copy. 2 of the stores I went to said I could but that I will have to buy it the next day after all the reserve copies were claimed by their rightful owners. I guess that was a clear sign that I should not buy a hard bound copy of the book. Later that day after discussing my sentiments with my friends, Joel who already got his copy told me that I could borrow his book because he’ll not be able to read it yet, as usual he’s busy with work. I grabbed the opportunity being offered to me after making sure that it is totally fine with him that I’ll be the first one to fumble through the lovely pages of his new book.

I finished the book in 8 hours and what can I say about the ending? Rowling did her best to end it in a way that it should be. I’m not gonna ruin it for everybody like I did last year. I’ll let everybody enjoy the last book and find out for themselves who’s the traitor, who died, who survived, and who lived. The Potter experience was really something. In a way I felt sad that next year all we can wait for is the Half Blood Prince movie and The Deathly Hallows in 2010. We’ll all be old in more years to come but everyone in our generation would know that when you mentioned “He Who Must Not Be Named” you’ll forever remember “The Boy Who Lived”.

Perhaps JK Rowling could write the story of the new generation (*hint hint*). But she's right when she said that she could no longer write anything as great as the HP series.

Thanks Jo for lending me your book.

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