Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Line Them Up

Things to be sad about…

I will enumerate them even though I hate to cause too much negative energy. As much as possible one would want to focus only on the positive side of life. And it’s a Monday (Note: I wrote this yesterday) – no one would want rants all week long. But unfortunately what I can only write about today is nothing but about loneliness (yes, after a weekend at Boracay I chose to go sentimental).

Leaving me again, I know you’ll always be my bestfriend but I am not a fan of all the miles between us. I love it when I can talk to you in person, hug you when I’m sad and do the same thing for you when you’re down. I like it a lot when I can guess everything you’re thinking about, complete your sentences & thoughts and even make you laugh cause you do the same things for me too, I am really blessed to have a bestfriend in you.

Your baby, as I said things happen for a reason dear. I know how devastated you are, losing the first life that will come from you. I know how you’ve been patiently waiting, wanting and praying for that baby that is why I understand that it’s killing you with sadness. Feeling and seeing how slowly the little angel is leaving you, it really sucks. I’m here I told you, I want you to remember it. I cannot help you with the pain but I promise you that I’m with you in praying for the best. He loves you very much & He has greater plans for you.


I believe you still have a chance, a chance to be the person you ought to be. I’m sorry I offended you, I didn’t mean to and I wasn’t really aware I have caused you pain. I don’t want to like you but you’re a good person that is why liking is you is like second skin. I just want you to realize where you stand. Don’t take what’s not yours and don’t you ever be possessive of something that is already mine.

Of all people, you were the one I thought would understand because I thought you trust me. It doesn’t mean that if girls made a mistake by messing up their lives means that I will fuck mine too. I was disappointed that you see me that way. I am not gonna end up like them believe me not because I want to prove you wrong but because I know better than that. I am not gonna give people the satisfaction they were hoping for. My downfall wouldn’t be that way.


Competing with you is pointless. I should not bother.

The waters & wind of Bora know all about you. How stupid you are, how lucky you are. How special you are and how pathetic you make me feel. How you make me happy and hurt me all at the same time. I can’t blame you, you don’t know anything. You don’t even bother knowing something. ..(deleted).

PS: I edited this entry grabe nahuhulaan ni Jen eh :D

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