Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bora Pictures

!.) With Chie at the entrance of Sand Castles Boracay 2.) view above the Crystal Cove (deleted hehehe nahiya ako) 3.) Thai dinner at D'Mall 4.) waiting for the rain to stop - at the lobby of Sand Castles 5.) sailing with Luchie, Monique & Janice (Niq & Ja were at the other side of the sail boat) 6.) the famous Bora sand castle 7.) with Ja, Niq & Chie - Crystal Cove 8.) Solitude, at the beach 9.) having a wonderful time with my bestfriend.

1 comment:

kegler747 said...

wow! ang gaganda ng pix nyo. Kelan yan parang gloomy ang weather?