Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Samu't Sari

Had a very busy week, events are worth writing for pero tinatamad talaga ako. Here’s a recap of the week that was:

Ma’s Check-up
Not really a clean bill of health was returned by the doctor pero okay na yun, other than Ma’s thyroid hormonal imbalance and her high blood sugar count at least her other lab tests and x-ray were okay.

Sugarfree Party
Went to one with Jen & Jonal last Friday, first time I saw them in the flesh (nothing amazing about these guys but I love them esp my baby), Jen and I went to Mayrics last Friday night after dinner and I guess 9 pm was really early. We busied ourselves talking about all things funny under the sun while inside a really powerful force field. The band arrived and we didn’t care (we’re bad – not worthy to be called fans). Anyway we were there for the music - not to be their friends, or groupies or feel close to them. A good recap of what happened is in Jen’s site, she’s more of a writer than I am (at super tinatamad ata akong i-recap dahil maaalala ko na naman si Mitch at ang kanyang enigmatic smile).

The Da Vinci Code
Overrated and kinda boring. I know the book is always better than the movie it just happened that out of curiosity we all would still watch the controversial movie (the more they restrict us the more we would want to have a hold of that thing hehehe, especially with the down pour of bad publicity and criticism from all kinds of Christian sect). Somewhere in the middle of the movie I couldn’t count anymore the number of times I yawned. On my left was the slouching Jo whom I am not sure if still watching or dozing off. Chris said that he found himself sleeping for 5 minutes of more halfway through the ending. And on my right was the very serious and attentive Marco – only to feel stressed after the movie that he keeps on blabbering about the scenes he did not like, scenes not from the book, book facts that were made differently on the film, he keeps on and on about the movie for 2 days.

First Wedding Coordination Racket
Yep, Jenny & I passed our first ever wedding coordination test and with flying colours. Thanks To Beth & Lala for the invitation and for the confidence they had in us – letting us handle tasks that could ruin their reputation and company (hell, we did great as advised by the bosses) and thanks to Rob, Teng, Bian & Belle for being cool katrabaho. We learned a lot from all of you and I had fun. It was like watching the Chinese Oscars (the couple were Chinese, rich Chinese I would say), glitz and glamour of the chinky eyed rich people hehehe.

So much had happened, will blabber about these things next time. For now, happy Wednesday! I bet a lot of you are lining up for X-Men III. Enjoy the movies & take care!


niQ said...

Lagging yung Da Vinci noh? hmpf. Kala ko pa naman it will live up to the book. Or did we just expect too much?

Anne said...

Overrated nga Niq eh