Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun Under The Sun

We decided to meet in Alabang at around 2:30 am of Saturday, Marco and Leby won the Most Punctual Award while Jo as always bagged the Fashionably Late award of the Weekend. We arrived at Batangas International Port minutes after 6 am. We joined the stampede pretending we’re in competition for the Amazing Race. Jenny displayed her big sisterly instinct by buying the ferry tickets and making sure that all of us kids are in one corner. With tickets in tow we lined up to the departure area only to be denied because we don’t have the terminal tickets required to pass through departure. But nothing can hurt are soaring spirits, terminal ticket pala ha… 6 tickets nga po – that was me, waving my P100 to the port employee (I’m guilty I cut through a very very long line, I am not sorry – no one as in no one is gonna mess up with me or my friends hehehe). It worked, I know must be the smile & the charms hehehe.
The ferry trip was peaceful, the sea was calm and so as the 6 of us (most of us slept all through out the trip). 9 am and we’re walking on sand. After 15 minutes, the fully booked hotel we had our eye on had a miraculous vacancy. We were so full of luck. Everything agrees with us and we’re ready to hit the beach. But we were able to check in around 12. It doesn’t matter though, we had a blast talking about the past, the “universal childhood” that Jen & Jerome invented amazed everybody. From kiddie food, to childish practices, games, jingles, TV shows and cartoons and even historical facts from back in the days were very much covered.

Samples of what totally rocked our waiting:

Oh Nano nano you make me crazy I really love what it does for me, sweet sour & salty, Nano nano, nano nano…

You want to see what happens in a bag of Nips, what goes on before they touch my lips they make a rainbow (chocolate Nips) a choco rainbow (chocolate Nips) and then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees, the sweet & delicious (garbled word – nobody can remember) … when I want fun I grab a bag of Nips and make a rainbow, Nips nips!

Pendong-Kalas, Jinx (aka Anne’s JIGS), Teleber-teleber (Teddy Bear Teaddy Bear), Si Nena, Nanay Tatay, Sweet Violet, Bench & Bath towels galore, Moro-Moro, Langit-Lupa, 10-20, Text, Funny Komiks, Candy Candy, Mello Yellow (nobody can remember it except Prof. Jerome – must be the age difference hehehe), Chikadees, Bioman, Shaider, Heman & Shera, Puma Lear’s brainwashing talents, Ewoks, Street Frogs, Tiger Sharks, Mario Brothers, Pepsi’s controversial number, Daimos, Voltes 5 (with theme renditions pa), Battle of the Brainless and a gazillion more.
The 8 of us (Jen, Jerome, Leby, Marco, Joel, Jeng, Dolfo & myself) went banana boating that same afternoon.

First night at the beach was the birthday celebration for everybody (from Jo’s Apr 9 to Marco’s Jan 3 birthdates) – usapang bangenge was born. Tequila, Mudslide and Fundador (for some) gave birth to a very unforgettable night. Here’s some of the toast given in commemoration of everything under the sun (purely tipsy down to drunken speaking ito):

Para sa masa!
Para sa mga bayaning nag buwis ng buhay para sa bayan!
Para sa mga bagong bayani – mga OFW!
Para kay Manny Pacquio!
Para sa manggagawang Pilipino!
For the One who got away (dialogue ni Marco to)
Etc (I guess I was so drunk to remember everything)

The next day – ayan na over sa hung over. But I was able to wake up really early, caught the sunrise in Galera – not too majestic but it was good. The solitude was good for me, I need it to clear my head.

We went snorkeling that afternoon – we were thrown into a beach na tapunan ata ng mga cast aways. That Sunday afternoon, I was able to say a quick hello to my good friend Daei. Then at dinner time I saw Philip another friend (another grade school buddy). That night was Marco & Leby’s Mindoro Sling blow-out, most of us were kinda scared to get drunk (again) but we still tried it (what the heck it was good). Marco, Leby & I went partying that evening (Jen & Jerome tinamad na, Jeng & Dolfo went with us but because they have an early flight the next day they went back to the hotel ahead of us and Joel, dear ‘ol Joel was down the drain, still hanged over I guess – he was the first one to snore that night (alright exaggerated he didn’t snore but he was flat on the bed around 10 pa lang ata). It was the best party mood I have ever been to. We danced like 3 crazy kids that night.
Day 3 was shopping day (kuno, Jo & I were like 2 lost kids in the market – with very little money to spare, all we do was compute if we can still go home la kaseng ATM eh buti na lang Daddy Jerome & Mommy Jen were there). More beach walk then it was time to get ready to go home.

It was one of the best vacations I have ever had. It was amazing because I was able to spend it with 7 lovely people. My salute & toast to:

Jenny – my sister for life. Love yah very much. Sasabihin ko na lang sayo yung iba off the blog hehehe.
Jerome – Prof, salamat sa iyong mga lectures (na libre), salamat sa pag aaruga mo sa grupo (Tay you’re the best)
Joel – as always ang photographer ng ‘kada. Lastik Man ng grupong bangenge. You’re a true friend and I can’t complain. Thanks for always being here or wherever for me, I appreciate it mucho.
Jeng – it was a madramang bakasyon but it was special because you were there for me and I hope kahit papano I was able to comfort you sister. Love yah.
Dolfo – welcome to the family!
Marco – my masseur, hehehe salamat friend. Alam mo nay un, sabi ko nga tested ko na ang pagiging true and good friend mo to me. Love yah, muah!
And Leby – full of grace (hehehe), it was great meeting you. Super enjoy having you around, it was that great because you added to the wittiness and craziness of everybody, next time uli.

Until the next 1,2,3 pass tournament. Don’t forget the by laws dahil lagot kayo sa penalty.


Anonymous said...

Galeng! Correction. It's Mellow Yellow. He he he...

Anne said...

@anonymous: kitam ikaw lang talaga Prof ang nakakaalala kaw lang umabot sa MELLOW YELLOW na yan hehehe. Cheers, Fanta, Mountain Dew & Royal na inabutan namin eh :D

niQ said...

It's great to see you have fun at Galera... Sarap noh? ;)

Anne said...

sinabi mo Niq! As in saya talaga :D