Monday, May 15, 2006

Of Moms & Byes

"Hoax mistakes make you realized what u had and lost, the things and people you've taken for granted. Sometimes there are no next time, no timeouts and no 2nd chances."

Got this from a friend who was given to him by his ex-gf, I dunno what we were talking about when he gave this line, I saved it and found it rotting on my drafts folder. I guess I was about to write something about this and now I don’t remember what made me save the lines. I am posting it here anyway, just because.

I wasn’t able to write something sweet for my Ma yesterday. Actually Mother’s day on my Mom’s side clan was not happily celebrate. The family gathered early in Antips to send our dear Kuya Ric to his final rest. As expected it very emotional considering that Kuya Ric was among the best Kuya we had from the Andador side. He’s really generous, nice and sweet. And he’s still young. As my Kuya Ronnie told everybody on his eulogy yesterday, we are all going to die it just so happen that the Lord favored Kuya Ric so much – among His favorites that is why he was called ahead of all of us, he will not suffer anymore. For the first part of the eulogies some of my cousins & I stayed out of the chapel cause we really don’t want to start crying. Everyone is misty eyed inside the chapel – everyone is sharing their fondest moment with Kuya Ric. That is what some of us avoided – ang maiyak. When I eventually decided to come inside – bingo! I was called and then I started crying.

gun salute for Kuya Ric

We will miss you Kuya Ric, as I told you… you’re now where you belong and ought to be, with the Lord. You have lived a short but meaningful life. As we continuously pray for your happiness there, please do not forget to mention us to the Father. You’re now with uncle Ompo & auntie Violy. I bet the reunion was really special. We were crying because we will miss you but other than that we were crying because we’re glad for you, you’re suffering have ended. We love you.

Here’s a pic of one of my cutest nephew while at the memorial park – he’s so innocent & clueless about how cruel the world is. As Kuya Ric’s body was being laid down on earth… I was quietly observing my nephews and nieces, I have stared at Jervis for more than a minute or so – Jervis was an epitome of braveness. He’s really young, just 10 & youngest among Kuya Ric’s babies. His eyes were red but he’s not crying. I have overheard Aaron & Chok, cousins - Aaron said he promised Kuya Ric that he will take care of Jervis and Chok seconded it, words spoken by a 13 year olds. I pray that may these good kids grow to be responsible individuals – good citizens and loving persons. I pray that the closeness and bond between these next generation of our family continue like what our batch and the batch ahead of us shared. I love my cousins and am proud of being their relative.

And to Ma, babawi kame. We weren’t able to give you a queenly treatment yeaterday we’ll just make sure you have one everyday. I love you.

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