Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Just want to plug my cousin's podcast show, they had 2 epi already and it's great (syempre love ko yang si Kuya Berns) nah infairness okay talaga, anyway here's additional info:

The show is called The Lovechat with Honey & David Heart, Honey & DH are professional DJs from Yes FM (I'm not sure if I have the info right hehehe pero I'm pretty sure Kuya Bern's from Yes although he uses the air name "Carl Dereta" when he was there, David Heart was his air name naman sa Star FM). Both of them are now based in the States. You can send your comments and suggestions by calling their hotline 011-206-338-5691 (US number eh if you have Skype or any other VoIP GO!!!) or by emailing

May feature artist din every week courtesy of Try it and listen by clicking this link

For more info you can check out Kuya Bern's wala lang site, ewan ko ba why Crazy Berns

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Bernie said...

hey cuz, ayos ka talaga! thanks for the plug! miss you. mwah!