Thursday, March 09, 2006

ten 2 one

(tagged by gracious)

TEN men you find sexy
- Ace Young
- Will Smith

- Eric Bana
- Nicolas Cage
- Jake Gylenhaal
- Henry Philip

- Ken Watanabe
- Tom Welling
- Adam Brody
- Zanjoe (Huwehehehe)

NINE people you would invite to a special party
- Ace Young
- Jostein Gaardner
- John Mayer (for the entertainment)
- Billy Corgan
- Paulo Coelho
- bes Luchie
- a friend (draw lots para fair – Jenny, Jeng, Dines, Kim, Pen, Gabs, Saree, Zie, Joel, Marco)
- Leo Dicaprio
- Nick Hornby

EIGHT sure fire ways to get your attention (positive and negative)
- sense of humor
- cute smile (thrown at me – only to me)
- anything lavander, lilac & purple
- a sweet & deep poem
- good books
- intrigues
- movie talk
- things about my nephews & nieces

SEVEN pet peeves
- know it all in-duh-viduals
- liars
- “so-called friends”
- jerks & a-hole guys
- cheaters
- parasites
- rainy days

SIX women you look up to
- my Ma
- my Tita Eden
- Ms. E
- bes Luchie
- Mother Theresa
- Oprah Winfrey

FIVE random things about you
- bookworm
- barador
- I’m terrible with numbers
- I have weekend paralysis (can’t move during weekend – glued to the TV & DVD player)
- I love to cook

FOUR most romantic songs (music)
- Next To You
- Near You Always
- Because You Love Me (I know too mushy)
- The First Time I Loved Forever

THREE places you want to take a vacation in
- Florence
- Morocco
- Palawan

TWO turn ons
- writing skills
- witty & smart

ONE unforgettable moment
- yet to come

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Jenny said...

hindi bale, kung hindi ako manalo sa draw lots i'll just crash the party. tapos kikidnapin ko si john mayer. mwehehehe.

Anne said...

sorry sister sobrang tight ng security ng party kong ito. ;-) syempre celebs guests so mahirap nang magkagulo (pakigising nga ako).