Sunday, March 26, 2006

Plea of Insanity

It is always best to regret the things you did than regret the things you didn’t do.

Killer line huh? One of these days I’m gonna do something crazy then grow old and to this thing I did – I’ll just laugh at it. For sure it could cause me pain, miseries & depression but if I play my cards right all of those could turn into happiness or even bliss. Talking to my bestfriend Luchie always makes me sane – she’s the most sensible person I have ever known (can turn crazy ideas into brilliant ones – can justify it as well) and I am thankful because I have her. We were talking about the things that we would like to do – travel, go back to school and do something out of the ordinary – something that is outrageously crazy.

I made a list of the things that I can consider worth trying, crazy things that can make or break me as a person:

Never report to work ever again (disappear without a clue)
I consider this crazy, disappearing without any trace from work, hehehe I love the idea of people I work with and my friends wondering if I was kidnapped abducted or killed. Ha! I am so evil & crazy, but I realized I am not too crazy to do this – yet. Where would I go? For sure this would mean isolation even from my family. Plus I got to earn to live hehehe and if it’s any consolation I don’t hate my job that much – there are good and bad days to it who doesn’t right?

Pack my bags and go back-packing to Cambodia and Nepal
I will plan this thing in a good way – no running away style or missing “drama”. I will file a leave of absence from work (an indefinite one – claim I have personal problems that needs to be solved ASAP) bring all the money I have and fly to Cambodia, live with my bestfriend for a while then make my way up towards Nepal, be a monk for sometime (shave my head and clad myself in rags) and for the finale wait for the Philippine Expedition team that will climb Mt. Everest in ’07.

Be a party girl
I know this is not too crazy but for me it is and it will. It will include heavy drinking and smoking – soooo not me so I guess this is crazy. In the process the goal is to deteriorate my ailing health and die of lung cancer or any liver disease.

Get Married
I know it’s crazy cos I don’t have anybody to marry hehehe. But things like this can be arranged believe me ;-)

Work in a non-English speaking country
And be lost in translation. In this process I will learn to draw, my means of communication with the locals will be through figures and caricatures.

Pursue my dream of becoming a barista
I will resign from my job (yes my glamorous and high paying errrr ehem job, I am so good at lying) apply at Starbucks and be their employee of the month – months after months after months. A friend told me that I only want to have this job cos I want free coffee every minute but I said no, I really want to become a barista then eventually learn the art of bartending too then I’ll join competitions hehehe here & abroad (just like the contest they have at Fridays) oh di ba crazy? I even think I’ll win hahaha!

Tell Ben I Love Him
For now this I think is the craziest (I ran out of crazy things to do). I will tell Ben face to face that I love him and ask him if he feels even a slight feeling of attraction towards me then if he does we’ll be a couple (whether he likes it or not) then I will propose and ask him to marry me. Neat huh?

Waaaah! I am so pathetic, I think I have reached rock bottom. Ben!!!! Help!!! Save me from my destructive imagination!!!

Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend and happy Monday (tom)… Last week of March, last days for Ben. May we both rest in peace.

Oh well so much for being a Prozac junkie.


Bernie said...

yo! who's ben? ben david? hehehe. hey that's tight! good job! drop me a message if you have time. take care cuz.

myra said...

What the fudge! I wrote a looong comment and It didn't go through?! I forgot what I said already...hmmm...I was saying that Im all for your plea of insanity. I've been feeling the same way for the longest time, so your not alone. Maybe we are in that age? Whatever! I don't exactly understand and I don't plan on understanding either! But, wouldn't it be awesome to do something crazy? To act without using your head? To not to care... Okay, fine.I have already done the you may well know, I could be coo-coo sometimes. You on the other hand, you're so...sensible. You're head is so...straight! You need to lighten up and have some fun. And I mean tons of fun! For what it's worth, I've no regrets at all. Sure, I had to face the dire consequences (or I have yet to face...I pray not. Oh God, pls spare me) But doing things like these will help you realize that YOU ARE NOT A LIVING DEAD. So, my dear friend, Im behind you 100% about this (except for killing or any criminal could vandalize or jaywalk though). Just take a chance!
Who the heck is Ben?

Anne said...

@ kuya berns - miss you, love yah! nice job on the podcast, send my love to the family there.

@ myra - thanks dearie i know you'll support me in whatever decision i have. i envy you actually - you've done your share of the outrageous things already and i'm happy for you especially with the wedding bells in the background. i am actually very excited for you. don't worry abt me i'll do so something crazy soon that i'll forever be thankful for, i think it was the last option re: Ben.

to both: si Ben , hehehe let's keep him at that name for the time being. yaan nyo i'll reveal his identity soon ;)