Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What the H*@#

I’ve been very lazy lately especially when this blog site is concerned. Must be because I’m tied up with a lot of work, I catch up with friends a lot lately and must be because I read too much & watch DVDs heavily that is why my work in this site is not that productive (define productive in such blog sites? entries, dahlin… entries). I don’t have the heart to abandon this site yet. I still feel that one day someday this will be alive & kicking with some occasional bouncing up & down once again. I thought about making this site a photoblog – let the photos speak for themselves. That way I don’t have to write descriptions & stories anymore but I can’t do that..., I talk – a lot. So this site being a silent sanctuary will not gonna happen, ever.

I am now again on my morbidity (is there such a word?) mode. Last year I buried my nose on The Bell Jar, Prozac Nation and The Virgin Suicides. This year I’m into Ramones, Edie Sedgwick, Jim Morrison and Ian Curtis – dead Rockstars & a belle. I have again reached the saturation point of my existence for this year. I worry too much about the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. I’m panicking over my insufficient time spent on reading. I worry over Rory Gilmore and why she took a year off Yale on Season 6. I feel bad over my inadequate knowledge of Andy Warhol. I am bothered by a lot of unimportant things. I am again running away from sanity.

By the time I get better I’ll post a great entry. Until then, I’ll just be here posting garbage.

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