Tuesday, October 16, 2007

AD Inc. Party

I attended AD Inc.’s (my friend Joel’s company) first year anniversary and formal launch party last night with Jenny. The event was held at Absinth Greenbelt 3 (yes sosyal si Lolo Joel) and was attended by the company’s families, friends, contractors, suppliers & valued clients (ginaya ko lang order of acknowledgement ni Jo). Too bad I wasn’t able to get a pic of Jo in his encyclopedia/ Electrolux salesman get up. And his speech was something – short -- painfully short -- in fact it wasn’t an address it was a shout out hehehe. But in fairness I am so proud of him, he’s talented and creative, focused, accomplished and passionate to his craft. More power and goodluck to Joel and the whole About Designs Inc. family! More projects, more blessings and more success to you all!

Here are pics of moi and Jenny while entertaining ourselves at the party hehehe (yep picture when no one is looking). We went home triumphant – we both won Marks & Spencer goodies in the raffle.

Food & drinks poured in and it was great seeing familiar (friends) & faces from the architecture and design industry (most of them friends through Joel hehehe).

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