Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life in Slowmo

I hate rainy days. It’s so dramatic, so teary and wet. People’s movement and mind motions are all in slow motion. Life in itself is in slow motion when it’s raining. Time slows down – I don’t know if it’s the heavy air that drags the hands of clocks backwards but it definitely is really painfully dragging.

But not today, strange things happened. Its drizzling when I went down the road with my jeans folded up, I held on tightly to my umbrella and then the song played. This particularly day I feel all so bubbly and cheerful because I have a new rainy day song. For some unknown bizarre reason I love walking under the rain. I guess just for today.

I don’t like Ben Lee that much but I love him today for his song. If today is the last day of my existence, I don’t feel sad. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have someone who’ll love me like the world is ending but I know I have the love for people and the feeling is as strong as the end of the world.

Happy rainy Wednesday guys. Go grab your hot coco, stare at the window and think of happy thoughts.

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