Monday, October 22, 2007

Heaven on the Web

First of all I would like to thank Marco for sharing the site.

Early today I was going through my usual chat thing with Marco which includes:
1.) regular “musta” routine that would then lead to hallmark moments (miss you miss you too routine that could run for around 5 minutes).
2.) love life inquiry (ssdd – the one still missing)
3.) future marriage plans (far far billionth power future plans) – where we would eventually marry each other in our old age (ganyan kame mag-usap hehehe gaguhan)
4.) current events (which was about Glorietta for today)
5.) movies (wasn’t tackled this morning)
6.) people we know (gossip segue)
7.) my Ben (and Marco’s lack of a Bena)
8.) BOOKS (current book we’re reading – yes ganito ka-boring)

My good mood today was brought about the chat I had with him this morning, we usually end our chats with book related matters, our real topic of discussion - the reason that prolonged our conversation (and friendship hehehe joke!). I still feel proud that it was through me that Marco became a reader (before) and now a convert – a book addict. He reads a lot now and that makes me truly proud. He’s one of my accomplishments – his love for books now is one of my shinning moments hehehe. I know it sounds really shallow but I am a proud and doting wing(wo)man when it comes to Marco’s reading habits. The book I gave him as a gift early on our friendship (his first bday that I got the chance to witness, we were just new friends then) was his first book (The Little Prince). Okay enough with history and going back to my good mood :D Marco gave me this book lover’s site. An amazing site that made me logged on for 6 straight hours today (my very first visit to the site). I feel guilty that my attention for work is divided due to the fact that I am busy pimping my page hehehe. I was busy reading comments, joining a book club and adding lists to my shelf and reading lists. It’s a nirvana for book enthusiasts like moi and Marco (who by the way have 40 books already in his shelf). I am so excited that I now want to go home, get my book inventory and add everything I own and books I have already read to my account.

The site I’m raving about? It’s Shelfari… the site for book worms, book critics and everyone who loves reading. Do join guys and add me up to your list of book friends.


Dschauffer said...

Thanks for mentioning Shelfari in your blog:) It's great to hear that you are enjoying the site and spreading the word! We just launched our new blog widget and would love to get your opinion on it. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

Happy Reading,

Anne said...

no prob, i really enjoyed it. for bookworms like me, we owe you a lot for Shelfari.