Monday, January 26, 2009

Chase is doing the Chase

chase: what do you mean?i dont get it. i wish we cross our sights so that we can talk. don't worry im sure i'll drive far ahead than you coz driving in EDSA (metro manila) daily makes me a real driver!!!!

Are you some kind of a TAXI or TRUCK ah maybe BUS driver? Cos you’re so good hehehe driving in EDSA everyday that’s tough. And it’s really not safe to cross our sights, we might have an accident especially when we’re both driving... malabo na nga mata ko magiging duling pa ako tsk tsk tsk.

chase: you may also contact me if you need a driving instructor coz driving since college helped me a lot! enjoy driving sleepwalker.....

I don't think I'll need a driving instructor because I've been taught by a certified driving instructor & I aced my driving lessons so if in case you see me again on the streets be careful, kase ako I abide by the traffic rules baka ikaw kakatingin mo sa akin may mangyari sayo... ingat ka R.

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